The freebies sourcing tool every Amazon FBA seller needs.

Your hands free way to source products.

Origin tracks deals, discounts, price errors and glitches on Amazon, then automatically purchases free and heavily discounted items for your Amazon FBA store.

How Origin Works

Sourcing free items for your Amazon FBA store? Seems far fetched,
but that’s what Origin users have been up to in the past few months.

Some of the products that our members were able to acquire for FREE due to price glitches

+RRP value in free items secured with Origin!

Getting started with Origin isn't rocket science! Here's how it work.

Step 1

Add your amazon account credentials to Origin.

Step 2

Prepare and activate your Amazon freebies tasks.

Step 3

Origin monitors for price, glitches and errors.

Step 4

Origin automatically attempts to check out free items once it spots a price error.

Step 5

Sit back, relax and watch as free items are shipped to your doorstep.

Our customer's success speaks for itself !

Origin consistently acquires thousands of free items on Amazon every single day!

Everyday is a delivery



Product sourcing made easy.

OriginAIO is currently priced at $199 initial cost with a monthly recurring renewal cost of $24.99. Failure to renew within 7 days of expiration will result in termination of the license key all together
Currently, OriginAIO only supports Windows operating systems, however, we plan to offer support for Mac users in the near future!
Any information regarding restocks will be available on our Twitter page @Origin_AIO. Restock announcements will be posted in advance to give all users a fair chance.
Upon purchasing OriginAIO, you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. In the server you will be able to chat with other members, get setup/release information and access to our 24/7 Support Staff team.
OriginAIO currently supports North America regions.


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